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Product Samples

We will prepare a new estimate for the production cost after asking for your desired text strings.
The sample shown is only an image.
The basic fee refers to the cost calculated by the rough estimate on the top page for strings such as the URL of the website, excluding the QR Code for QR Code payment.
For the base QR maze (Product A), if the center of the maze is processed to be hollow, the basic fee will be +1,000 yen, and if color processing is applied, the fee will be +1,000 yen.
No additional cost is required for framing.

Since these are rough estimates, we will eventually ask you about the specifications of the finished product based on your desired text line and provide you with a formal estimate by e-mail, as well as a link to a customized product cart for payment.

*Please do not settle for the sample products shown here.

QRコードは一見すると迷路に見えますが、決して迷路にはなっていません。 そのQRコードを、QRコードとしての機能を保持しながら迷路に変換し、新しいデザインを生み出したものが「QR迷路(QR maze)」です。「QR迷路」は登録商標です。
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